November 23-25, 2021 - ONLINE

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Become an expert in transforming your company into the place-to-be for aspiring developers: The WeAreDevelopers TechRecruiting Lounge features the best minds in modern recruiting and keeps you up to date about hiring, sourcing and employer branding in the dev world.

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The TechRecruiting Lounge November edition is part of the WeAreDevelopers JavaScript Congress '21


Enjoy four days full of educational and inspirational sessions with proven experts from the tech recruiting world
Conrad Pramböck
CEO at Upstyle Consulting GmbH
Conrad Pramboeck is salary expert and CEO of Upstyle Consulting. He has been advising companies on all aspects of compensation for over 20 years. He is a lecturer at universities and a bestselling author on the topic of salary negotiation.
Rudi Bauer
CCO & Chief Evangelist at WeAreDevelopers
Starting his career as software developer in late 80s, Rudi Bauer has gathered more than 29 years of management and leadership experience in the HR, IT and advertising industry.
Carina Wögerbauer
Carina is passionate about content – in any form. As Content Manager and Product Owner of the Video Projects at epunkt, she is creative with words as well as behind the camera.
Oliwia Schildt
Oliwia is a Marketing Manager and Global Mobility Expert at Localyze, an all-in global mobility platform; where she works towards the mission to free talent from borders. She has previously worked in talent & relocation management in the Berlin startup world.
Ana Fernandez-Mühl
Ana Fernandez-Mühl is an Executive Director at TERRITORY Embrace and focuses on how to better align HR marketing and recruiting activities to make companies more successful in attracting new talent. She has been working in the HR-environment for over 17 years and is the author of several HR-related studies for the German market.
Mimouna Mahdaoui
Mimouna is a content marketing specialist and has produced a vast range of campaigns in multiple markets to strengthen SEO performance and gain top tier media coverage. In her current role, she helps facilitate conversations and generate thought leadership with strong data narratives, compelling stories and useful tools.
Theresa Sturm
epunkt / via digital
Theresa is a Digital Marketing Strategist focusing on paid and organic social media strategies for the HR and recruiting industry. Additionally she trains social media and performance recruiting at Recruiting Campus.
Daniela Höfler
Daniela Höfler is Sourcing Teamlead at epunkt and knows exactly how to delight technicians in social media and how to improve response rates.
Nina Aichinger
Nina Aichinger implements HR standards from ground in fast scaling startups and strengthens talent acquisition as an important part in the overall strategy.
Eva-Maria Meyr
Head of R&D Employer Branding at dynatrace
Eva-Maria is leading global R&D employer branding at Dynatrace. One of Europe’s most innovative employer branding teams is a key contributor to the impressive growth of the Dynatrace R&D organization from 250 to +1,500 employees in the last 4 years. Eva-Maria’s approach to succeed in this hyper growth environment is her passion for people-centric and value-based approaches.
Roman Stöger
Teamlead Recruiting - Software Engineering at epunkt
Roman is leading an agile recruiting team with focus on software engineering. Breaking new ground and thinking outside the box are always part of his mindset to keep up to date in today's world.
Ana Gospodinova
Director Talent Management at WeAreDevelopers
Ana has 20 years of experience in tech recruiting and employee engagement and gained her experience in both startup and corporate environments. Ana designed and implemented global tech talent sourcing strategies, long & short term approach to building external talent pipelines of “ready now” talent, designed goal setting approach and program efficiency metrics.


Tuesday, 23.11.2021

Diversity of thinking and its impact on the business results
Ana Gospodinova
  • What is the link between diversity and innovation?
  • How does diversity impact the financial results of the tech companies?
  • How to build diverse teams in tech?
The Naked Truth: What Devs Really Want – and How Video Content in Job Ads Can Make a Difference in Winning Their Hearts
Carina Wögerbauer

In a survey which we conducted we asked Software Developers what their dream employer would look like, what benefits a company has to offer to stand out from the crowd, and which details in a job ad are mandatory to simply win their attention. Getting their attention is not just the first step, but probably also the biggest challenge in hiring these much sought-after specialists. Videos in job ads can make this challenge a little less challenging. We tell you how.

Wednesday, 24.11.2021

Borderless Hiring: The key to transforming your talent function
Oliwia Schildt

It’s becoming harder and harder for companies to fill critical tech roles.There’s considerable competition for highly-skilled candidates. That means organizations need to find new ways of attracting and acquiring talent. One powerful technique is international recruitment, which increases access to skilled workers and promotes cultural diversity. However, doing so requires planning, forethought, and knowledge of global labour laws and compliance. Additionally, you’ll be faced with the challenge of navigating cultural differences when onboarding new employees. In this talk I’ll explain why it’s a worthy initiative (by a long shot), and how you can take the first steps without feeling overwhelmed / daunted // how you can streamline the process and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Salary in IT
Conrad Pramböck

Salary is one of the central aspects of professional life, but it often remains a taboo. Salary expert Conrad Pramboeck gives an overview on the levels of salaries in IT positions worldwide and provides hints on what you can do to increase your personal compensation.

How to attract tech talent
Ana Fernandez-Mühl

Recruiting tech talent is becoming increasingly business critical for companies of all sizes and industries. Everyone wants to recruit tech talent but unfortunately, they all seem to have jobs. Ana Fernandez-Mühl will talk about how to optimize your talent attraction efforts following the equation (traffic x conversion = applicants) and how data can be your friends in doing so.

The road to online recruiting success
Rudi Bauer

Join us and learn everything it takes to build a winning recruiting strategy for finding the best developers for your company. In this 1-hour online session, you will learn first-hand tips and insider knowledge that will give you an edge over your competition.

Thursday, 25.11.2021

Decoding bias in job ads
Mimouna Mahdaoui

Did you know that a 2011 study by the University of Waterloo and Duke University found that job adverts are gender-coded? And this bias leads to fewer women applying… and fewer men too!
At StepStone Group, we don’t believe that 'lead' is a male trait any more than 'supportive' is a female one. We don’t think that CEOs can only be men, and nurses are jobs for women only. So, we created the Gender Bias Decoder to raise awareness and inspire positive change.
Join our session to find out more about the research, get to know our decoders (available in German and in English!) and see what we discovered when we put through our Decoder more than one million job adverts from the UK and Germany.
You’ll also learn how language in job ads, relates to the Gender Pay Trap, a vicious circle of biases costing women thousands of pounds each year.

Personal Branding in IT-Recruiting
Theresa Sturm

Don't leave your first impression on candidates to chance. A strong LinkedIn presence gives you a decisive advantage – especially in competitive candidate markets like IT recruiting. 10 hacks for improving your social media profile and how to use the LinkedIn algorithm to your advantage.

The greatest sourcer
Daniela Höfler

What qualifies a good sourcer? What skills and qualities are needed to find the best talent in the IT sector - and how do you combine an analytical mindset with human empathy and tact in communication?

Rudi Bauer, WeAreDevelopers
Nina Aichinger, CELUM
Roman Stöger, epunkt
Eva-Maria Meyr, dynatrace

The search for qualified tech talents becomes tedious as software developers' scarcity has emerged in every corner of the IT industry. In this roundtable, we will talk with company and startup HR leaders about their best-recruiting practices to help you understand what it takes to succeed in today's talent acquisition.