Why do you need to stop using buzzwords in tech job postings?
May 17, 2021
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Why do you need to stop using buzzwords in tech job postings?

Adnan Pavlovic
Adnan Pavlovic
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Professional recruiters are facing numerous challenges when it comes to creating job postings. The market is saturated with a significant amount of job postings with only one aim – to attract software engineers. Therefore, recruiters need to ask themselves why a great candidate would want to work for their organization? 

What comes next on numerous occasions leads to making mistakes. Once the job description is formed, it’s handed to the marketing team to enhance its appeal (read: copywriting). 

Adding words that look like out of this planet into the job posting can make you think it will differentiate your company from the competition. Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect. It makes it invisible.

Making job postings visible

If your company offers exciting opportunities, professional growth, and a culture filled with highly motivated employees, messaging won’t attract (great) candidates. 

Every job ad that uses words such as “exciting,” “growth,” and “motivated” will sound familiar with other job ads out there. If you don’t believe me, do your research. Type in any job search engine these words, and you will find a staggering amount of job positions that look alike. We want to avoid that. 

Here is one easy fix for you. First, go through your job ads and do a quick search on the words mentioned above. Delete them if you find any. Then go to any major job sites, such as the WeAreDevelopers job marketplace, and check job postings from your competitors. Form the list and highlight the most common words being used in it. These words represent another compilation of words and phrases you should avoid in future job postings.

Avoid using company-specific jargon

The most welcomed help, just like with the tech interview process, comes from a job holder or team leader who knows what type of candidate they are looking for. 

Understanding the required skills will make the recruiter and the supporting marketing team understand what the job position entails. This means that your job description will be as accurate as possible, ensuring no misinterpretations. Asking someone who already operates in the role also means that they will describe their job as simple terms as possible, avoiding unnecessary jargon use. 

job posting buzzwords tech technology

Using jargon-heavy ads reduces the chances of attracting applicants with transferable skills from other industries to apply to your job ad. This is a highly usable strategy knowing that the lack of software engineers is nowhere going. It might help filling junior positions in your company. 

If you use industry jargon in your job postings, you could potentially be excluding people who have the right skills, who might fit in that position, but who simply don’t know the jargon.

Avoid using trendy job titles

We have a couple more tips for you when it comes to enhancing job postings visibility. 

Keep your sentences short and simple. If you hear some words that are rarely spoken, it’s better to avoid them. Acronyms should always be explained, especially in job postings for software engineers known for their heavy usage. Even top candidates might feel scared to apply because they don’t understand the full meaning. 

A job posting should avoid using trendy job titles. Titles such as “code monkey,” “ridiculously good developer” don't do the trick. Using a plain old “frontend developer” title communicates a sufficient message to a chosen talent pool. 

Selecting the right power words could be misleading and drive the whole job ad-context into aggressiveness. Avoid using aggressive words such as “motivated,” “driven,” or “dominant.” It usually insinuates work under pressure, and even software engineers don’t like to be aware of that while forming the first impression about your company. Remember, they praise above most their work-life balance.

job postings buzzword technology

Lastly, avoid using the term “competitive salaries” in your job postings. Financial compensation is one of the top priorities for prospective job seekers with a technical background. Pay close attention to make it transparent. Later on, nuances can be negotiable, but open salary ranges in the search fields are much more likely to attract and convert candidates.


Making technical job postings stand out is a difficult task for recruiters these days. The copywriting touch might lead to overengineering and overall counterproductive results. 

Try to think in a simplified way and be aware of the job role description in the back corner of your mind. Use it as a guideline to create an eye-catching job posting. Good luck!


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