What is the missing link between employee engagement and employer branding?
January 11, 2021
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What is the missing link between employee engagement and employer branding?

Adnan Pavlovic
Adnan Pavlovic
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It doesn’t matter if your business is being built around technology explorations or traditional sources. Interaction inside any organization has to be at the top level to induce employee engagement. From a human psychology standpoint, this principle works similarly everywhere.

Tech companies and startups usually run a high paced game 365 days per year. The HR department’s task is to glue team members or whole teams inside the organization together as one synchronized entity, while each employee has basic needs that should be matched to live a fulfilled life. When this puzzle is solved, it reflects on work motivation and problem solving each employee’s positive attitude. As a crucial part of every tech organization, software developers are under big strain every day to get through the paces and deliver their tasks. 

Success comes with knowing your team better.

Company interaction that prevents tech talents from leaving

Lack of appreciation is one of the primary reasons employees quit their jobs, contrary to popular belief that it would be related to monetary benefits. According to our Developer Report 2019, software developers are most happy with their jobs once they can obtain their work-life balance on their own terms.

Just like that, this issue can start solving itself with small gestures. Later on, as organizational management gets the feeling, the bigger things can come into play. Little steps like celebrating special individual or team occasions or thank you notes for thoughtful inputs left on the desk, laptop, or over an email (in case remote working is a preferable option) brings feedback transformed into loyalty and accountability from your employees. It makes them feel central and essential to the organization.

With these actions, employee engagement will start growing, which is a critical driving force for business success. An engaged employee has a positive, fulfilling, work-related state of mind directed towards work tasks with a strong sense of vigor, dedication, and absorption (Schaufeli et al., 2002). High levels of engagement foster retention of talent, improve organizational performance, and customer loyalty.

To control portions of employee engagement in ways that are aligned with the business objectives creates importance to be able to understand engagement indicators:

Employee engagement indicators , employer branding

When Deloitte surveyed employees from various organizations in the Talent 2020 report, it became clear that employees needed to be engaged in meaningful work, or they would walk out of the door. Survey respondents who reported their companies to use their skills effectively are more likely to say they plan to stay with their current employer. Remember, software developers are deeply caring about their work transformed into coding lines, so make sure that organization efficiently uses their time allocation on these tasks and leave space open to obtain their work-life balance at all times. In general, employees have greater trust in corporate leaders when their talents and abilities are effectively utilized. Our best advice? 

Engage with software developers with meaningful work, or watch them walk out the door!

Engagement vs. disengagement

What works for “normal” employees can simply be translated to tech talents too. Turnover intentions appear to be concentrated among specific groups of employees at certain points of their careers to create red turnover zones. When this occurs, it means that there is a high risk of departure. An organization must communicate through its HR team effective retention strategies aligned with critical talents’ needs and desires to prevent this. Effective leadership broadcasting clear corporate strategy and beliefs of its leaders and onboarding programs defined through strategic onboarding practices can increase employee retention, engagement, and commitment. 

Engaged employees can be differentiated from disengaged ones through attributes towards work and their productivity. And disengaged employees are harmful to organizations' progress. The tricky thing to detect is that these employees are not necessarily unhappy with the job, but they can also act against the company’s interest. 

Engaged behvaiour, employer branding

An employee who is engaged has high levels of focus and motivation. He is more involved in the organization’s work culture and his performance to its benefit. To attract and retain tech talents with the highest engagement levels, keep tracking your engagement techniques by doing simple surveys, alternated towards different team essentials (e.g., tech teams, management, administration).  

Don't forget, one of the main ways to reboot tech talent engagement appears to be in the form of human interaction.

Schaufeli, W.B., Salanova, M., González-Romá, V. & Bakker, A.B. (2002) The measurement of engagement and burnout: A two sample confirmatory factor analytical approach. Journal of Happiness Studies, 3, 71-92.


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