It’s now or never to learn how to hire remotely
April 1, 2020
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It’s now or never to learn how to hire remotely

Ana Gospodinova
Ana Gospodinova
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So we all know that we can’t escape the effects of COVID-19. Since the beginning of March 2020, WeAreDevelopers has been watching the situation closely in terms of hiring developers within our community. In just a few weeks, we have identified new trends in developer recruiting from both the perspectives of the developers in our community as well as companies. The results are showing two extremes – with developers becoming more proactive in searching for new opportunities – and with companies prolonging their hiring decisions and processes. 

Developers are getting ready for change

There are changes coming and developers are preparing their back up plans. We have seen an increase in registrations on WeAreDevelopers as well as more visitors on our job board. We have concluded two primary reasons for this increase. 

Firstly, there are many companies who are not reacting sensibly to the current situation as in not being prepared to handle new changes such as home office appropriately. When companies do not act properly towards their employees, then they start to keep an eye open for what’s out there. 

Secondly, now that developers’ free time may have increased due to being stuck at home, they may have now started to look around and question their current job’s stability in this uncertain time. This could also be attributed to the fact that companies are now in “sharing mode” by posting great and positive opportunities about their companies through their media channels – from social media to newsletters. 

We have also noticed many developers actively contacting us or our talent managers to ask about jobs on WeAreDevelopers, which demonstrates how we have established a good basis of trust within the developer community and that we work positively with those who are looking for a new opportunity. 

HR departments are learning how to adapt

So contrary to how developers in our community are becoming more proactive in searching for new opportunities, companies are trying to make the best decisions possible when it comes to recruiting in uncertain times. 

About half of businesses are deciding to continue to hire but to just slow down the decision making process whereas the other half of recruiters are learning how to adapt, adjust and improve recruiting remotely. What’s clear is that some hiring managers are currently in a bottleneck situation when dealing with online interviews – the process is new or not routine and some hiring managers just need more convincing to hire someone than just a video chat. 

So, what should recruiters do in these uncertain times? We believe that online recruiting is no longer avoidable and now is the future. Companies should look at the long-run and focus on working on their remote hiring processes. 

While stopping recruiting entirely or doing a hiring freeze may seem like a good short-term solution, this can hinder companies’ future hiring processes. This current situation is now the perfect opportunity to get ahead and show that you are able to adjust in uncertain times. When companies aren’t taking the chance to present themselves as attractive employers, then it might signal to developers that they are preparing for the worst. 

Now is the time for recruiters to get ahead & learn how to hire remotely

While no one knows how long it will take for everything to get back to “normal”, one thing is clear that developers are getting informed about new companies and job opportunities because they are getting ready for change, and companies who haven’t taken the time to establish processes or learn how to hire remotely now need to learn how to hire remotely more than ever. It’s time for HR departments to focus on positioning themselves as future-oriented and accepting that hiring remotely is the future of recruitment.


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