Benefits of e-recruitment in the world of developers
April 21, 2020
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Benefits of e-recruitment in the world of developers

Ana Gospodinova
Ana Gospodinova
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The benefits of e-recruitment or online recruiting are seemingly endless – the recent Covid-19 pandemic has shown just how vital being able to switch to online operations can be. Digitalization is influencing industries, and it can be used as an incredible opportunity, especially to gain a competitive advantage.

Developers can be especially challenging to recruit, but we at WeAreDevelopers find that you stand a better chance online – simply because well… where else would developers be hanging out? 

Here are the top benefits and reasons why you should be leveraging e-recruiting when it comes to targeting developers: 

Save bucket loads of time

E-recruiting allows you to automate recruitment processes. For example: following up with candidates has never been as easy. If you sign up to our online recruiting platform WeAreDevelopers, you have access to an integrated candidate dashboard that gives you an easy-to-use overview of candidates in your hiring pipeline. 

You can also use tools such as Google Drive to store email templates or Canva to easily create graphics. What is more, the internet gives us access to a considerable audience in seconds – saving bucket loads of time compared to face to face recruiting.

You can leverage dynamic content

Creating content as a part of your e-recruiting strategy will also allow you to change and reuse what you have perhaps already created offline. Allowing you to dynamically adjust quickly to every situation. Situations such as the current Covid-19 crisis where quick reactions are needed. Print can't be changed that quickly – online recruiting is simply more dynamic.

Minimize hiring costs

Hiring is not just time-consuming but can cost quite a bit too. This is especially true if you tend to go through most of the process offline. Covering travel costs of potential developer candidates at an early stage comes with a high price tag. Instead, we recommend making use of online video interview rounds beforehand. That way, you can quickly get a picture of the candidate and whether they have a good chance of being a great fit. Inviting candidates into the office should no longer be the norm, leveraging e-recruiting in the early stages to cut costs is.

Shorten the hiring process

When it comes to hiring developers, you've got to be quick. If there is one on the loose, you can be sure that they have five companies and several recruiters running after them.

Online recruitment and e-recruiting allow you to cut a lot of admin and paperwork corners. Collecting applications, filtering them, etc. can all be done in minutes rather than hours. Having an excellent e-recruiting process in place will allow you to cut the hiring process in half. This, in our experience, only means one thing – better chances of you snapping a candidate up before someone else does.

The world at your fingertips

E-recruiting allows us to target and access a much broader audience. A lot of companies are now hiring across countries and continents simply because talent is more affordable. Doing so offline would be pretty impossible, not to mind costly.

Recruiting has never been as easy

Because the online world is evolving so quickly and new tools are being published every day, innovation has also made recruiters jobs a lot easier and more flexible.


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