An overall guide to recruiting developers online in 2020
April 20, 2020
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An overall guide to recruiting developers online in 2020

Ana Gospodinova
Ana Gospodinova
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2020 has been a whirlwind so far. Covid-19 has flipped the working world around and, all of a sudden, we are forced to shift our focus – recruiting included.

Online recruiting was once seen as a trend, now it is a necessity and an opportunity at once.

The basics of online recruiting include:

  • Seeking out potential candidates on various online platforms and social networks
  • Leveraging online tools to automate and optimize the recruiting process
  • Carrying out interviews online rather than in person through video calls

Due to high demand and competition, developer positions are currently one of the hardest and most sought out jobs to fill. At WeAreDevelopers, we declared online recruiting as the go-to strategy long before the pandemic hit. We have also made it our mission to help you seek and find the best possible developers for your company by providing you with insider know-how, tips, and tricks.

The future of recruiting has now arrived even more quickly, so let’s take a look at what that looks like and what you should be doing to thrive in it as a recruiter targeting developers.

How society and the world of work is changing

The way we work, how we view our jobs and interact with companies is changing – significantly. What was once frowned upon is now becoming the norm. These are the most significant changes we can see manifesting in 2020, especially amongst the software developer workforce. Candidates for developer positions are currently extremely sought after and due to their high demand, it takes more to get the openings filled. This supply and demand shift can only mean one thing; more negotiation leverage on the developer side and these are the things you can expect developers to be asking for in 2020: 

Power to the employee

In 2020 we can see a clear shift towards companies needing to take employees’ needs and wants into account – if they want them to stick around. Things like flexibility, mental health, and work-life balance are coming to the forefront of what job seekers are looking for. It’s not only about job fit but it’s also about how their quality of life will be working for you. Many benefits like a gym membership to stay physically fit or an ergonomic working space can help seal the deal. 

Virtual teams & increased digitalization 

Although Covid-19 is affecting industries, healthcare systems, and humanity overall – there has been one positive side effect. Companies have been forced to make working virtually and remotely work – compelling them to be creative, innovative, and ensure their daily business keeps running. Although young companies embraced things such as being able to work from anywhere and collaborating online, plenty of them were hesitant. The pandemic showed everyone that working remotely can be done, and does work. In fact, companies have even seen productivity go up. 


Social media has given company employees a voice and a platform to share their experiences – good and bad. A perfect example  is the Uber scandal of 2017. It’s becoming more and more difficult for companies to cover things up. 

On the flip side, companies are starting to realize that being transparent, letting employees in on numbers, innovations, and ideas can actually lead to more trust and productivity.

Being more transparent is something we can expect to see manifesting in many companies in 2020. It’s also vital to integrate transparency in your recruitment process, especially when it comes to developers. Because they are sought after in a lot of companies, they can be picky and, if they find out you were dishonest with them after two months of working at your company, they might just start looking elsewhere.


Digitalization allows us to automate processes, especially when it comes to low-value/ monotonous tasks that are repetitive. For recruiters, it will be tasks such as automatic CV screening and more. Automating tasks like these allow for more time doing high-value tasks such as talking to potential candidates or building your employee brand. 

Automation won’t take away recruiters’ jobs, but  is a tool to complement the work you do.

How the role of the recruiter is changing 

Not just the demand for Developers is rising but also for recruiters, as the job market becomes more and more competitive and the need to find top-talent rises. In fact, between 2016 and 2019, the demand for recruiters grew by 63%.

How the role of the recruiter will change in 2020: 

  • High demand will also allow recruiters to take their pick of the companies
  • Automation and digitalization will also require data gathering and analysis skills
  • Recruiters will be more and more involved in the growth strategy of a company
  • Recruiters don’t necessarily need to come from a recruiting background, knowledge, and expertise in the industry are sought after so be sure to stay up to date

All in all, online recruiting is changing just as quickly as the online world – so stay agile, continue to educate yourself and keep up with the trends to stay ahead in the recruiting game. 

The online recruiting process and how it works 

Here at WeAreDevelopers we have developed an online recruiting platform for developers to guide you through the entire process of hiring an employee. So here is the essential step by step process: 

  1. Figure out the company needs and what position will fill those
  2. Create a job description
  3. Sign up to WeAreDevelopers 
  4. Create a company profile
  5. Post a job ad
  6. Screen resumes
  7. Conduct screening calls
  8. Conduct interviews 
  9. Extend job offer
  10. Negotiate and sign the contract
  11. Onboard new employee

How recruiting developers is different

Having worked with top companies like IKEA, N26 and Bitpanda to recruit entire product teams, we at WeAreDevelopers know a thing or two about hiring developers and how they differ from other candidates. 

This is what you should watch out for:

  • Don’t throw all developers into one category; the image of a nerdy developer no longer holds a space in this world. Developers can come from all kinds of backgrounds, have different personalities and hobbies. Never generalize. 
  • A developer is not just a developer. Developers focus on various technologies and skills, which is why merely hiring a developer is not going to cut it. Think about what you want them to achieve, what technologies you have in place or want to use and more.
  • Watch out for self-taught newbies – because development is a lucrative sector to get into as an employee at the moment, there are also a lot of candidates who do an online course and suddenly call themselves pros. Be sure to thoroughly talk about their experience and let past projects speak for themselves, also be sure to involve senior Developers in the hiring process. 
  • Recruiting developers is not an easy task, it’s cutthroat and requires a lot of skill and experience. Developers approached by recruiters who know little to nothing about the position they are recruiting for will be left high and dry. This is why working with recruiters who come from a development background or, as already mentioned, involving developers in the hiring process early on makes sense. 

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