4 tips for making the most from your Brand Page on WeAreDevelopers
July 29, 2020
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4 tips for making the most from your Brand Page on WeAreDevelopers

Thomas Limbüchler
Thomas Limbüchler
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What does your employer brand say about your company?

With your WeAreDevelopers Brand Page, you can tell your company’s story to thousands of job seeking software developers and build a memorable candidate experience. Complete with company details, jobs and salary information, your Brand Page gives potential candidates a closer look at your company before they apply. You can use it to build your employer brand and attract the best-fit candidates.

Ready to make the most of your WeAreDevelopers Brand Page? Here are five tips to get started.

1. Upgrade to Brand Page

Every employer with jobs on WeAreDevelopers automatically has a Company Page. All the features of Company Pages are free and employers can customize the basic look of their page. If your Company Page has not yet been upgraded, do not miss the opportunity. Job seekers who visit your WeAreDevelopers Brand Page are, on average, more likely to apply to your jobs.

2. Make a first impression with your header image

Your header image is the first thing job seekers see when they visit your page. Take advantage of this space to create a strong first impression by including a compelling header image that represents the employer brand you want to convey.

3. Use rich media content cards to tell your company’s story

Custom content cards offer a more engaging way to connect with job seekers and build your employer brand. We recommend to upload different pieces of content, from videos to photos, and arrange them in any order on your page. Use the chance to give your developers a voice. Showcase real projects that your candidates will be working on.

4. Keep it up to date

Once created keep in mind to update your Brand Page on a regular basis. Potential candidates will not only notice when you provide them with new content, but also appreciate it and prefer your company as future employer over your competitors as you care about your potential employees.


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